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Quality Rhinestones - Everyday Sparkle!!


    Silk Light Glass Flatback Non Hotfix Rhinestones Mixed Sizes SS06 - SS20 (2.0mm-5.0mm) 828 Rhinestones

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    Our high quality Silk Light Glass Rhinestones boost vibrant color and excellent clarity, as well as generous faceting for the ultimate Bling and Sparkle.

    These rhinestones have a flat back, which is excellent for easy placement to your projects.

    Rhinestones sizes: SS06, SS08 , SS10 , SS12, SS16, SS20 (2.0mm,2.4mm,2.8mm,3.0mm,4.0mm,5.0mm)

    Rhinestones come with 6 compartments and contain approximately 825 rhinestones.

    All rhinestones can be used on numerous crafts and projects but not limited to: Small do-it-yourself projects , makeup, nail art And Sparkle and Bling anything you can Imagine!!

    We recommend using an industrial strength adhesive when applying the rhinestones.

    Please note: Colors may appear slightly different compared in what you may view in your computer monitor or phone screen.

    Glamourous Sparkle and Bling of Rhinestones!!